Who Needs Clothes? Warrior Event VIP Was Great.

Just got back from the Warrior Event VIP Event. It was fun. The food was OK. But who cares when you’re surrounded by smart amazing people?

Before dinner they did a little Q & A, and I even made a video with someone I don’t even know, and it was fun. I did not pass out. I made it. We’ll see when it’s published if I can link to it for you later.

While it’s sweltering here in NC right now the room was freezing, will remember to take my sweater, which thankfully I did not forget, tomorrow for all the talks.

OK just got back from the Warrior Event VIP night party on the roof at Solas in Raleigh NC and it was so fun. I was worried it would be too hot but it was great. There was a nice breeze, the service was great, and we had a very good time. Perhaps going out at 10pm is a little late for this grandma, but I had fun. Hubby got to come with me too so that was extra nice. I’m very sleepy and I’m going to bed but here’s a picture. My husband, David,  is behind me with the blue shirt.


Oh yea, a lot of networking takes place at clubs, bars and after hour events when you go to conferences. It’s good for those of us who work from home to socialize with others that get it. We had a blast, but I’m a little too tipsy and too tired and tomorrow is going to kind of suck for me, but I am super excited for all the great speakers they have lined up.

More tomorrow.


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