At the Warrior Event And I Forgot My Clothing


VIP Warrior Event PicWell, I’m at the Warrior Event in Raleigh North Carolina. For some reason I forgot half of my clothes. Thank goodness I brought half of them. I did make it to the store and bought a couple things that I can wear outside of my “traveling in the car clothing”. But, whatever. It’s going to be just fine. So far the people I have met are awesome.

You may not think so, but going to live events is good for service providers as well as big time Internet Marketers. You can learn a lot from these people, and maybe, if you implement what you learn you too can be making six figures. I’m going to be going down soon for the VIP Event. Plus, if you did not know you can write of your trip, so if you extend the time a day or two it’s like a mini-vacation.

As a service provider, networking with people who can hire you is an amazing way to get new clients. People still, despite being online, love to work with people they know. You understand already the “Know, Like, Trust” philosophy right? This is taking it to an entirely new level. If you can afford to sponsor events you’ll be able to make even more connections. Everyone is very helpful and in truth they want you to succeed. Why? Because if you succeed, they succeed. This is especially true if you have a product or service to sell.

A few tips that might help you if you’re going to a live event (and I should have wrote this before so I would not forget my clothing).

Pack With a List –– If you have a list and check it off as you put it into your suitcase AND a list as you put it into your car to drive or go to the airport then you won’t forget your clothing like I did. I had the first list, not the second one.

Be Yourself — Don’t worry so much about how other people act, or dress. You should be yourself. One awesome thing about working online is that you can be yourself and you don’t have to follow an employer’s rules. Going to events doesn’t change that. You be you. It might be an old, trite saying but it’s important.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone — Many of you know that I was diagnosed with agoraphobia in 2010. Again, not the type where I was scared of going outside. No, the type where I was scared of meeting new people. I might go into why someday because there is a reason. But, if you never push yourself past your comfort zone, you won’t ever get where you want to be.

Nerves are Normal — Everyone feels nerves. Some people interpret them as fear. But even the best speaker feels nervous, but they interpret it as excitement instead of fear. They feel pumped up and excited. Not anxious and fearful. The sensation is the same but people construe it differently. Try to turn those feelings into something good so you can move forward.

Remember that growth always comes with some emotions that you have to learn to deal with. It’s okay. So now I’m going to deal with my own fear and emotions and go on down to the VIP portion of this event. I’ll post again tonight what that was like.

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